Hydration for the Nation

David Walcott head shot-ProDr8

For decades, athletes have been consuming traditional, high sugar sports drinks to rehydrate and replenish electrolytes during and after exercise. These drinks are generally unhealthy, and don’t have the proper nutrients to provide athletes with the best results.

After seeing this, Prodr8TM founder David Walcott set out to create a better alternative to these traditional sports drinks. David was motivated to create a unique product that could help his son Daniel, achieve optimal performance while training and competing on his quest to become an professional hockey player.

The result, a great tasting coconut water-based sports drink perfect for all athletes, from high-end professionals to weekend warriors.

Prodr8TM helps to replenish five key electrolytes, allowing you to stay hydrated, have more energy, reduce cramping and recover faster each time you sweat.

Made in Canada, with 3 great flavours, there’s a Prodr8TM perfect for everyone.

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